Our Appellations



The white wines are all made from the Sauvignon grape variety, the red wines from the Pinot Noir grape variety. The differences in taste result from the terroir, the microclimate and the exposure of the plots.

Most of our AOC Sancerre vineyards are located in the commune of Sancerre itself and more particularly around the small hamlet of Chavignol, the birthplace of our family.

Because of its family origins, our estate is very fragmented. There are no less than fifty parcels, including more than 40 for the Sancerre AOC alone. Some of them are no larger than 250m2.

Our parcels are often steep and uneven, the slope can reach up to 40%. We are lucky to be located on the 3 types of terroir that the Sancerre appellation has to offer: limestone, clay-limestone and siliceous soils.

For each of these 3 terroirs, Les Bouffants, la Côte Des Monts Damnés, l'Orme au loup are prestigious places for the connoisseurs of Sancerre wines; places where part of our vines are located. Thanks to a parcel-by-parcel vinification, you will be able to discover the different expressions linked to each terroir, in particular for our "Cuvée Excellence".

This great variety in the origin of our parcels allows us to realize blends whose perfect control allows us to obtain wines of a richness and a complexity without equal.



A neighboring appellation of Sancerre, Menetou-Salon takes its name from a village located about thirty kilometers from Sancerre, in the direction of Bourges. Less known than Sancerre because it is smaller (about 450 ha), this appellation originates from a vineyard owned by Jacques Cœur who, since the 15th century, produced one of the most famous wines of the kingdom.

Of our three appellations, Menetou-Salon is the most homogeneous in terms of soil: it is essentially clay-limestone soil from Kimmeridgian marl. Our Menetou-Salon vineyards are the furthest from our estate, up to 18km.

Our plot of pinot noir, which allows the production of our red Menetou-Salon, is located in the commune of Morogues, one of the most famous communes of the appellation.

Our white Menetou-Salon is harvested in our vineyards occupying a natural cirque oriented South-East / South-West which makes it one of the most remarkable sites of the appellation. This site is at a relatively high altitude for the region (300m). Its cadastral name "Les vignes de Chantenais" testifies to the fact that vines have been planted on these slopes for a very long time.



The Pouilly-Fumé appellation is located on the right bank of the Loire, facing the Sancerre vineyard. Our vines are planted on a siliceous soil, exclusively on the commune of Tracy-sur-Loire.

These grounds are rather flat, contrary to those of our 2 other appellations. They correspond to the old bed of the Loire. As such, their granulometry is sandy.

However, it is not uncommon to find some beautiful flints, called "tête de chat" (cat's head), as they exist at the bottom of all the rivers. Opposite, a sea urchin fossil in its stone gangue.

This sandy soil, airy and easy to work, provides lively and racy wines with this inimitable note of flint that reminds the presence of flints.

Smoked Pouilly